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June 2009

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December 2009

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I started building PCs around 1999. From that time I build around 15+ computers a year. Of course not all of them for me. In spare time I build PCs for friends, family, neighbors and other possible customers.

Currently I have 5 Rigs that I own. Main computer is my Entertainment/everything else PC. Then I have a server which is used for FTP, dedicated game server and a media server. Last but not least,  the HTPC (Home Theater PC). Used for home entertainment powered by XBMC streaming media from the server.

Main System a.k.a Majestic-12

CPU Intel i7 920 @ 4.0(turbo)Ghz | Cooled by Thermalright Ultra-120
Motherboard EVGA X58 SLi
Memory OCZ 6GB Gold DDR3 Tri-Channel
Video Card EVGA Geforce GTX280
Sound Card Auzentech X-Fi Prelude
Hard Drives
4x Western Digital Blue SATAII 640GB
Optical Drives
Samsung SH-S223F 22x DVD
Pioneer BDR-205 12x BD-RE
Powered by Corsair 1KW
Housed in Lian-Li A-70F
OS Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

Build March 2009
Last upgrade December 2009

Server a.k.a NeKroServ

CPU AMD Phenon 9550 X4 @ 2.2Ghz | Cooled by Noctua NH-U12P
Motherboard ECS GF8200A
Memory Corsair 4GB DDR2
Video Card Build in GF8200
Sound Card Build in IDT
Capture Card Canopus AVDC-1934
Hard Drives
2x Samsung HD103UJ SATAII 1TB
1x Hitachi HDT721010SLA360 (b rev) SATAII 1TB
1x Hitachi HDS722020ALA330 SATAII 2TB
1x Seagate 7200.12 SATAII 1.5TB
1x Samsung HD154UI SATAII 1.5TB
Optical Drives
Samsung SH-S182M 18x DVD
NEC ND-4551A 16x DVD
Housed in Thermaltake Element S
OS Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise 64bit

HTPC a.k.a NeKroHTPC

CPU AMD Phenon 9550 X4 @ 2.2Ghz | Cooled by Thermalright Si-120
Motherboard MSI KA780G
Memory Corsair 4GB DDR2
Video Card Build in Radeon 3200
Sound Card Build in Realtek
Hard Drives
1x Western Digital Blue SATAII 500GB
Optical Drives
Samsung SH-S203B 20x DVD
LG GGC-H20L 6x BD-Rom/3x HD-DVD
Housed in Cooler Master Centurion 590
OS Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit / XBMC Camelot DX

Laptop a.k.a MobileNeKro

CPU Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0Ghz
Motherboard Dell XPS M1530
Memory 4GB OCZ DDR2
Video Card Build in Geforce 8600M
Sound Card Build in SigmaTel
Hard Drive
1x Hitachi 7200RPM 320GB
Optical Drive
Matsushita UJ-875
OS Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

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